In our bill of fare we offer to you:

Frische Speisen


Half dozen of vineyard snails " Provenzale " 9.50 DM             

Salmon with cream Sahne-Meerrettich and Potato Pancake 10.90 DM     

Page Salads of the season with roasted Calf Liver Disks . 12,90 DM          



French Bulb Soup with Croutons  and Cheese over-bake.   5,90 DM                                        

Garlic - cream Soup with Croutons.  5,90DM

Tomato cream Soup with Gin and cream hood.      5.90 DM

Daily Soup on request




Large Salatteller with PUT Chest strips, Toast and Butter.                                                                    14.90 DM 

Knapp`s specially Salatteller with roasted   Bacon, panierten Champions and Croutons                      15.90 DM




"Champignon Pfaennchen "  freshness Champignons in cream Rahmsauce on house-made Butterspaetzle in addition Salad.                16.50 DM  

Potato vegetable Buffer with fresh Mushrooms and mixed Salad .                                                                    14.90 DM 

Noodle Plate. Noodles with fresh cream Vegetable.      16.50 DM 



Of the Pute

Putenmedaillons in Sherry Rahmsauce with Kroketten and salad. 17,90DM 


" Puten - Pfaennchen " Geschnetzeltes in Champignon Rahmsauce with Butterspaetzle and Salad.                                                                      16,90 DM                                                                                          


Of the Cattle

Rumpsteak of the Angusrind with Bulb and Herb- Butter Pommes and Salad. 23,90DM                  


Rumpsteak with Pepper Cream Pfeffer-Rahmsauce Kroketten and Salad. 24,90 DM                                                  

Rumpsteak with fresh Champignons in Cream- Rahmsauce, Kroketten and Salad. 24,90 DM


Rumpsteak " SchweitzerArt "  with Tomatoes and Cheese gratiniert in addition Kroketten and Salad.                    26.90 DM


Of the calf

Viennese shred with Pommes and salad.                18.90 DM                                  

Calf shred with fresh Champignon in cream rahmsauce, Kroketten and salad.                         20.90 DM 

Well depended cattle Rinderfilet on request!    


Of the Pig

Pig back Steak with Champions in cream, Butterspaetzle and Salad.                                        20.90 16,90 DM                             


" Odenwaelder Schnirtzel " paniertes pig shred with cook cheese Pommes and salad.                             16,90 DM                                                                                                                                                                                       


Grappa - Sabajone with cream ice                               9.90 DM 

Apple rings on vanilla vanillesauce with ice and cream           7,90 DM                        

Bergstraesser wine foam with cream ice                   7.90 DM                                        

Further desserts on request, z. ex. house-made ice Parfait in different versions.



For our small Guests and Seniors

Small shred paniert (approx. 100g.) with Pommes and Salad.                                                                   9.90 9,90 DM

Hunter Shred paniert (ca.100g.) with Spaetzle and Salad.                                                                    10.90 10,90 DM